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Institutional FAQ

Institutional FAQ

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Who is eligible to order from the Software Resource & Services (SRS) Institutional Store?
The Institutional Store is only available to institutions within the University System of Georgia (USG) and the Georgia Regional Public Library Service (GPLS). This store is for state-funded software purchases to be installed on state-owned computers and servers for the exclusive purpose of doing state work.

Why do I have to create separate accounts for the Institutional and Personal Stores?
Separate accounts enable us to ensure that items are being procured through the appropriate channels. It also allows our customers to differentiate between their personal and work-related purchases.

Do I have to use my institution (“.edu”) or library email address in order to create an account?
Yes, this is how we verify that you are part of the USG.

I already used this email address for a Personal account. Can I use it again? I don’t have another institutional/library email address.
Yes, but you must use different passwords for each account. Our system differentiates the two accounts by your passwords.

How do I change my password?
Log in to your account and click “My Account” (near the “Login” button). On the left-hand side, under “Settings,” click “Change Email/Password.”

Why are your prices occasionally different between the two stores?
Our prices are determined by our purchasing costs. Vendors occasionally give greater discounts to institutions than individuals, and vice versa.

What other services does SRS provide?
SRS can duplicate most CD/DVDs for USG and GPLS institutions. If the CD/DVD is, or contains, copyrighted material, SRS requires a signed authorization from the copyright holder giving the requestor express permission for duplication prior to submission of the duplication request.

For each duplication request, an estimate from SRS is required. In addition, you will need to provide an undamaged physical copy of the CD/DVD, as well as any CD/DVD label graphics in jpeg, gif, Word, or pdf format. The label graphics must be e-mailed to srs@usg.edu with your order number indicated in the subject line of your e-mail. Note: SRS can now create color labels. However, they will be more expensive than black & white ones.

For planning purposes: a minimum of two weeks from the time the complete order and payment is received by SRS is required.

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