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Institutional FAQ

  • What is the difference between the “Institutional” and “Personal” options?

    Institutional refers to purchases made on behalf of an institution-managed payment method like a purchase order (PO) or p-card. Institutional software is for use on an institutionally-owned and managed device.

    Personal refers to purchases made by faculty, staff, or students using their personal credit or debit card. Personal software is for use on your personally-owned device.

  • The website says my account has been disabled. What do I do?

    Try re-setting your password. If you are unable to re-set your password, give us a call at 706-583-2230 and we can manually re-set your password over the phone. For your protection we are not able to email passwords.

  • How do I request information about a new product? 

    Email our Product Management Specialist.